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my love for diving :*

my heart is crying... to blog... :P so wanna... coz there are lots of things to share .... there are bits and pieces here and there. still about diving.. heee :D yeup... it has been 2 days since i got back... but the memories seemed to be strong... the 7 dives that i made during the trip seemed to be too short. observing people is one of my favorite activity... owhh... before i forget, WN likes to write about his observation about things that is happening around him... and some day i will put his observation on my blog and maybe i add up things that relates to me :) permission granted by WN ;) *wink*
these are a few of my own observations that i made during my trip...maybe the recent one or maybe those that i can still remember during my previous trip(s). 1) there are no 'terror' divers... most of the divers who died are the experienced divers because some may get over confident and did not follow the rules of diving. i like it when i heard this from an experienced diver, an …

post event syndrome

do i even have the chance to have the post event syndrome? :p anyway, event is done... i will post stories and the happenings other days... as usual and expected, there are comments here and there... for those who attended these event(s), last year and this year, they would know what actually happened and the situation.. and not forgetting the purpose of each person going for the event. some may just want to go and have fun, have a break out of the office, and for some they care for the activity that we had... at the same time, we also have people - the outsiders who prefers to watch from far without actually joining the event, and later on spread stories out of it.... about the happenings... about the people... amazing isn't it for some people?! :) *sigh* like i have always mentioned, 'mulut tempayan boleh ditutup, mulut manusia.... lantak pi lah...'  anyway, that was the post event syndrome... :D
so, today i was actually sort of on leave... but since there is another ev…

Tweet from @ainkalam_osbahr

@ainkalam_osbahr: Sleeping time... :) a thot b4 I sleep.. Some people tries so hard to advise others when they can't even straighten up their own lives!
** been busy out of KL... Just got back today... Short posting for those who missed my updates! ;) other projects are lining up.. But will be back pretty soon!
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Let’s Join’s Fathers’ Day Giveaway Project 2012

updated - ein says: This is a sticky post... so this post will be the 1st posting everytime you come back until 24th June 2012, just in case you are wondering.  For latest posting daily, please scroll down. :)
Haa... sila la ikut aturan di bawah yerr.... kalau ada salah silap, awal2 lagi.... 'maafkan aku' almaklum lah.. ni 1st try nak cuba... :) Jadi sementelah Fathers' Day @ Hari Bapa hujung minggu ni... mari lah sama2 memeriahkan suasana.... share the stories & pics about you and your dad!
Tajuk posting Let’s Join’s Fathers’ Day Giveaway Project 2012Letak header ni in your posting [apa lagi tlg promote page ni la kan...]Masukkan link ni... www.ainkalam.comPost up the best memorable picture of you and your dadBuat pantun/poem about your dad, minimum 4 line... cukup lah... serious boleh, kelakar boleh... janji yang you rasa boleh menarik perhatian aku nak pilih ;) tak kisah bahasa melayu atau inggeris :p kena la jujur ya... kalau you all tipu, nanti tak b…

new toy :)

I told you that I am in danger :D hehhehe :D see what happens when I get upset!? Blame it fully on kaiser!!! Ggrrrr
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5 Things to Do When You’re in an “Emotional Fog”

Have you ever felt like you were in an “emotional fog?” I have. You can’t see where you are going; you’ve lost your vision. Maybe you’ve lost your vision for your marriage. The road you were heading down with your spouse was suddenly engulfed by an affair, illness, cancer, or an addiction. You once could see a bright future for your child, but the light has dimmed because of rebellion, drugs, or sickness. Work has taken over your life, it’s no longer fun, it’s just tedious; or, perhaps you’ve even lost your job. The fog of finances is now looming.

So, what can you do? Well, there are no easy answers. But here’s a start.
Pull over.
You may want to stop what you are doing and pull over if you are able for a few hours or maybe even get away for several days so you can clear your mind. Patience.
Sometimes, you just have to be patient and wait until the fog clears. You can’t try to control everything. Ponder.
Spend time reflecting upon your life. Instead of asking yourself “Why is this ha…

show where's God

@IslamSpeaks: Those who say show me God, try to stare into the sun 'If you cant look at the created then how do you expect to look at the creator'
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not in the mood

call me whatever you want... but i am thrashing whatever that i am thinking right now. work has been hell. still doing it though but aarghh.... home has its own issues... hate to talk about it here, lantak lah.. i have better things to do. if you ask me, nope, i don't feel like going for the event this coming weekend. feeling like shit. this is going to be my last year being in a committee. do i love diving? yes... but i don't think i want to work with the team anymore... might as well concentrating on something else. the passion has turned into a dragging task. ikhlas? shut up!! don't try to talk about ikhlas on this matter with me. some of us have done beyond our own responsibility... will we be rewarded as much as we sacrificed? ermmm let me think about it... better not answer... some people come to the office and sleep, they get rewarded... some people talk cock, they get rewarded... some people who works like hell, what do they get? a piece of shit! and not to mentio…

granola bar for snacks

I made 4 pairs of egg sandwiches today :D I know I am going to be busy... 1 pair for me, 1 for joey, 1 for lisa and passed 1 pair to Lenss coz I know she will not know what to eat.. ♥‎​​​◦°◦нåнäнãнäнâ◦°◦♥ anyway, I am extremely busy (now taking a break) but I am hungry... So this is what I take for snacks :)
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a great monday so far!

busy busy at the office... going away for work trip... nowadays whenever i needed to travel, i will always feel like coming back home soon... will be missing my joelis... hmmm not really liking the travelling.. but at times, since i am fully employed.. do i have any choices? there are quite a few things that i am frustrated with in the office lately... arghhh... but then again, i need to feed my 2 kids... so, again... no choice at the moment. 
so my dear blog readers... i may not be updating my blog for a while... [yes aarr? ;)] or maybe short updates from my BB... coz where i will be, the internet connection is bad! yeup been there... and it s^45s big time :p :( 
anyway... i had a good day today.. i guess... and life goes on... and this following segment i am doing for the first time is really hectic yeahh.. hehehe :D how do these youngsters keep up? :o

special blog list for team follow

remember Allah

So often it hurts us that we are not able to focus in our prayers. Remember, the more you focus on Allah outside your salah, the easier it will be to focus on Him inside your salah. Try to fill your mind and heart with Allah as much as you can throughout your day. Talk to Him, make duaa to Him constantly. This will build your personal relationship with Him. Then, going to salah will be like coming home to an old friend.

-yasmin mogahed

Have a great week ahead! :)
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Happy Fathers' Day

Done by adude's delight ... Specially made for our dad :) this is a buttercake :) if you want to order any, the order form is by the side of this blog :) super duper delicious!!
added info at 12.28am: all of us except kaiser had dinner at TROM, taman melawati... (The Republic of Meat).. it was delicious .. i get to taste a bit of others' pieces of lamb and beef because we already had early dinner at Craven to be with our (kaiser's and i) mutual client :) 
i love the 4 sisters photo :) hehehe :D
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stay calm... ahahaha

heheheh :D ok... this is funny... :p

Car Wash Business

I am at the Car Wash right now.. Did you know that once kaiser asked me to open up a car wash biz.. Or was it parking biz? Hehe :D forgot lah.. Too many ideas already..
Anyway, I just calculated right now... These guys took like 10 mins to wash a car and vacuum. Okay la, we take round figure but it may be a bit longer.. Think about this...
Rm10/car and this place can accommodate like 3 cars at one go..
RM30 in 10 minutes x 60 mins? = rm180/hour Say 12 hours a day x rm180 = rm2160 Say 30 days x rm2160 = rm64800
Wah!! Is my calculation right? What's the operation cost? Utilities, manpower, equipment (1 time), rent of space..
Wowieee...!! Can I open a car wash biz?? :o :) sounds good ehh ;)

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Segment : Team Follow Back by AmerCorner

haaa ni lah dia kerja orang tengah tak boleh tido... blogwalking... and amer corner is one of the site yang aku rajin visit sekarang... budak2 muda kan, banyak betul idea diorang ni... so, malam ni aku nak try buat... jadi ke tidak...  ... huh? bilangan follower sekarang? hehehe :D kalau networked blogs 4 jer...  and kalau google follower 21 :) segan tak? :p
bloglist khas untuk follower segmen ni adalah.... 

ermmm betul ke ni? did i miss anything?

can't sleep

i was asleep... urmm.. have fallen asleep but needed to get up again to shower :p hehehe :D kaiser was telling me that there was no water from the kitchen pipe... o'uh... and i have like 2 full laundry baskets to wash! :o transported my weekend maid from my mom's place.. before she arrives, i prepared her.. that her bed is full with unfolded clothes! hehehe :D just so that she knows what to expect :p anyway, i have arranged for an extra maid to assist tomorrow... see! where can you get an employer like this? tell me... hahaah :D i wasn't home last weekend so could not take the maid home... and kaiser was also away... hence the loads of unfolded clothes :) that is why i took an extra maid to clean up... spring cleaning the whole house! and wipe the windows and sliding doors and all... really hope she is good. my previous phillipino maid said that this lady worked for me before. let's just see tomorrow... 
so, what am i going to do now? facebook? hhmmm getting bored wit…

aku yang lupa diri!

Ya Allah, maaf kan aku... Kerana begitu kelaparan.. Padahal pagi tadi dah bedal roti canai sekeping! Astaghfirullahalazim... Apa nak jadi ni?? Tengahari tadi patut pi tempat lain nak carik barang sket, tapi tukar destination... Terus merembat lunch yang maha banyaknya!!! Kalau la kaiser tahu ni, sure aku kena hambat lari keliling rumah 20 kali!! Dah la sebelum lunch tadi dia dah sms, "Gym tonight? I am free in the evening!" Whooppss.. Macam tau2 je bini dia nak melantak!!
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Chocolate Cake Story

i remembered when i was in high school, many many many years ago when there was a season when we baked chocolate cake. yeup.. you are reading this right! i used to bake my own chocolate cake.. i love the moist chocolate cake.. but not so rich. so after trying a few times, i learned a new way from my friend ameilia ariffin :) yeup.. i remembered that she taught me how to make a delicious moist chocolate cake. :) those were the memories when i was younger... and i taught my younger sister N3 how to do it.. somehow, now, i do not bake anymore.. and my younger sister is making a home business with her delicious cakes... 
anyway, the above was just an intro about chocolate cake. today, i found out that... everyone can start baking their delicious chocolate cake. with the current technology, people can learn fast.. so, why not share this information and educate people on how to bake their own chocolate cake? maybe, you have done it before but you find they are not delicious enough? or mayb…

time goes by but friendship stays :)

is that a word ~ doppelganger

hehehe i am already laughing thinking of this... i told my cousin Nino the other day that there was one netball player who looks like her... so she said something like "omg i have got a doppelganger"... and i asked her what that means... and she said it was a german word... so beriya lah aku balik nak tanya kaiser... dah sampai umah....i forgot the word... but i mentioned about hantu raya... hahaha well anyway, at the office today baru teringat perkataan tu and ask him.... so dia explain laa... and it is actually when you thought you see someone who looks like someone you know... ha lebih kurang gitu lah... tapi aku ingat kalau hantu raya pun boleh macam tu jugak kan... tapi ye laa.. mat salleh ni bukan caya dengan hantu raya...
ermmm kenapa dah tak kelakar ekkk? ishh benci aku... tadi aku rasa mcm kelakar je masa borak dengan kaiser pasal benda ni :p  ha!! ada iras2 tak?? sorry Nino... i took your picture without asking. Kalau marah, i keluarkan, okay... :)

The Giveaway Gift!

Haaa.. Ini lah toiletries bag nya! Warna merah gitu!!  Garang dan menawan! Apa tunggu lagi? :)
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what makes me happy

some of the things that i tweet... hahahah :D
after getting my bonus and sharing it with my mom & dad when celebrities i follow @REALFAFAU, @ADPadiputra,@Aaron535Aziz notices my tweets for them :) my kids doing their homework and studying without being told @JoeyCamain@MariniMohdwhen my husband is back from a long trip... :p full stomach :pnot going to work but can still do my work at homehaving to be able to spend on whatever that my kids ask forand actually the list go on..... that i don't remember right now.

iighh banyak nya!!!

sekarang ni memang tengah excited...or, bukan ke aku sentiasa excited when it comes to blogging? :p well anyway... okay sekarang pasal giveaway gift sudah settle... walaupun tak ramai yang bagi pandangan, tapi at least views yang aku dapat tu sangat2 aku hargai... ye lah.. aku ni tak pernah buat semua benda tu... hehehe macam gabra pulak... padahal untuk suka2 je pungg... banyak sangat nak buat... pas tu yang pasal promote blog dengan link la...alaa yang macam amer corner buat tu... macam2 ada... top referral lah... apa lah lagi... tapi sebab banyak sangat, terus serabut tak tau macam mana nak buat! dol betul la aku nih... dushhh.... *tepuk dahi* tak pun sementara... nak dekat fathers' day, baik aku buat pasal fathers' day... betul tak? hmmm nanti ye... aku pikir dulu... hihihi :D

my mama's request

:) kesian mama... dah berapa kali mama tanya pasal gambar-gambar hari raya... hehehe :D rasanya dah 3 kali hari raya kut... semenjak zaman digital camera ni, mama selalu mengeluh... dia kata ambik gambar macam nak rak tapi gambar sekeping pun dia tak tengok.. :( kekekek :D kesian mama.... aku pulak dah banyak kali nak 'cuci' gambar tapi tak buat2... dah banyak benor... hmmm i think this is what i am going to do... nak compile gambar 3 hari raya la kut... take the best photos and buat satu photobook... ye la... photobook bukannya murah kan... :p okay lah... kena gagahkan jugak ni nak cari the best promotion nak  buat photobook :) hehehe :D 

ha... lebih kurang macam yang kat atas tu... tapi soft cover ok lah kut.
kalau you all tahu mana2 yang ada promotion photobook, bagitau lah ye... :)

keep 'em...

blog give away gift - nak tanya

hi all... sorry lah.. but errm.. just nak bertanya... i hope i will get responds so that i'll know. heheh :D okay, i have been reading blogs... and macam2 promotion diorang buat... games lah ... itu la .. ini lah... bila baca tu macam seronok... and for some it is just for fun... so, i was thinking of doing the same. just for the fun of it. cumanya the gift... itu yang jadi persoalan sekarang. 
hmmm okay... the reason nak tanya ni bukan sebab aku ni kedekut.. tapi just terfikir daripada ianya membazir dan terletak tak pakai, at least i can pass it on to others who would appreciate them. 
just to clarify, i am working with a generous company, alhamdulillah... so at times when we go for outing, staff akan diberi hadiah2 sampingan... which i love to receive. cuma kadang2 tu ada extra, or they have given  us the same things... so, ermmm faham tak apa yang aku cuba cakap kan ni? :) kesimpulannya, kalau aku bagi hadiah tu untuk give away gift untuk pembaca blog aku, you all okay ke? it…

coral rehab, anyone?

we... are extremely busy at the moment.... nearest event is gonna be next friday.. other than whatever that is still on my desk. this is one of the reason why i am still here.... loyal in the same company since 1994! believe it or not... :) i enjoy doing my work and also the events coordination :) so, okay... our coral rehab is going to be in tioman this time. last year it was in redang... now is the rooming arrangement, preparation of goodies...lots of em!!! and yeahh... event is open for all...divers and non-divers. we have activities for all! 
that's our logo for this year :)  what are we gonna do? we are gonna prepare nurseries to replant the corals :) yeup.. that's what we are going to do... coz we find that lots of coral are dead... and someone has got to do something about it... and of course, officially the objectives are as follows... (sounds so serious now :P) To return the ecosystem to a close approximation of its original condition prior to disturbance. These will b…

ignore those people

God brings us together

"If you have someone that loves you for you,  never let him or her go because they are the ones who truly love you.  We all come with flaws, mistakes we made and a heart that needs to feel loved.  Be that person you would want to meet to the one you can't stop thinking of.  If they're stuck in your heart, they are in it for a reason." - Renee Scalfani no matter what people say about you and i it is God's work that brings us together i see more of the things that you do and have done for me, for us rather than things that people see that you don't do as i believe that its only Him and the only One who can make you do things that you do... insyaAllah, we'll be fine...