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touch n go & ic

by - May 17, 2012

ok... i better blog this before i forget and lost my mood to blog about this. (alasan sebenarnya... hahhahah ). anyway... for some of you who are not aware, your malaysian identification card (ic) can be used for touch and go. :) as for me, mine was made somewhere in senawang, so, it was a small registration department who cannot issue an ic with touch n go logo facility whatsoever. :P well, anyway, lisa's ic can, so this is what i normally do. i have 1 touch n go card, and 1 spare that i loaded in lisa's ic... just in case my card is empty, i have a spare. 

so anyway, lisa wanted to change to new ic because now that she wears hijab. so, ok, fine... we went to do a new one. for your info.. for those who wishes to do this in future, personally, i would advice you to finish your touch and go first before you hand over your old ic to registration department. why? because the process is so boring. yeupp.. you heard me right... these are the steps:
  1. the registration dept will issue a sort of like a receipt stating that you have balance of RM in your touch n go in the old ic. 
  2. then you will need to go to touch n go office to claim.
  3. fill up the form.
  4. they (touch n go) can check how much balance BUT they will not issue you a statement of the balance. why?? i will explain later (i suspect*).
  5. you will be given a slip.
  6. you will need to wait 30 days for them to refund either by cheque or bank in to your bank account.
  7. the customer service at the touch n go center in kl sentral wasn't sure what to put in the form, so someone else there said, "put there termination of card" ??? 
only when i got back at the office, i noticed there is a disclaimer, that they will deduct rm5 for processing fees for termination of card. the issue here, i did not terminate the card... i just wanted to transfer the balance to the new ic... so, let's see how it is in 30 days from today.

*so i suspect, when the cheque arrives, they deduct rm5 from my balance of rm21... for which i do not approve. so, let's see...

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