Thursday, May 10, 2012

tired but is not yet satisfied

how nice to be relaxing... like this :P
i have been moving like a fresh engine.... turbo!!! it is like i am having a few different engines working all at once... but different area. but i had lots of things completed... yey! i sort of like...o'uh... have got events in june, july and oct 2012! how??? err... it's okay... we'll manage :D ok lah... i wanna go home... to tired to think... can i go home now? i can lie on my bed :D hehee :D how nice... owhh before that...

i just received my new handbag (God please help me stop this madnessssss) :p from US... a friend of a friend helped me purchase.. because i like this model and they don't have it here... and more over, here it will cost more and since they are having sales... wallaaa!! it is a sling bag, by the way :) and to my surprise, it is bigger than the picture :)
the actual handbag :) hehehe