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sealed it

by - May 08, 2012

i am just not in the mood to say anything... sometimes when you say too much, people will misinterpret. so i have decided not to say much... just sit at my place and get my work done. people may ask a few things or issue that they already know. do i need to comment? nope? i have decided not to... if they ask, i would say 'i am just following orders' after all that is what i do as a worker anyway, right? am i or was i frustrated? yes.. but is there anything i can do to change it? no... so..?? just zip up that mouth then. am i blabbering? yes... hmmm... anyway, just something i wanna say... i was having a meeting today with the government people.. heheh :D it was a bit funny.. well i supposed we are so used to private bodies... so..errmmm like that lah..and they are so formal.. i was commented by one of the avp who attended the meeting... that i was very quiet and did not say anything.. hmmphh.. so i said, 'there is nothing for me to say' :) hehehe :D why aahh? i cannot be quiet in a meeting ke? :P 

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