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pool time @ riana!

by - May 05, 2012

alhamdulillah it didn't really rain today.. :) zharee wanted to swim... so, as planned... we reminded each other N3 and i... i took a short nap just before 430pm.. got up, prepared the roti john... my maid fried the fish fingers and little mushroom sausages :) bbm'ed N3 in the group.. and it was just nice as my mom was hungry :D ... and she gets to taste my roti john..and yey... i passed! :) i feel good for now :) 

si putuk @ zharee with her new float... looks like choking her! :o

my mom enjoying the roti john that i made :D yey!

i am not done yet! :p

bbbbrrr... hokeeyyy now i am cold..... LOL :D
err... nenek... what did you just said? 
mak ain! wanna see my fingers are all berkedut!?
the 2 brown boys... joey and his friend, amir

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