Tuesday, May 22, 2012

a nite with francissca peters

ohh wow... i don't know how to start this... but before i write more, i just want to make some clarification here. 
  • i do not support sex workers programme
  • i do not support mak nyah programme
  • i do not support men who have sex with men and/or women who have sex with women
nauzubillahiminazalik... ini semua adalah golongan yang dilaknat Allah swt. wallahualam....

19th May, 2012 from 9.15pm to 12.30am @ecoba, pj trade centre: i was there with kaiser to support francissca peters performance because i am her fan. i really love her beautiful voice. my original thought when kaiser sent the invitation to me, i thought it was supposed to help HIV patients which includes children who got infected because of their parents. but looking at the crowd... errmm... i was telling kaiser on the way home... they ask for donations but they are encouraging the action of spreading the disease? i totally disagree.

nevertheless, that did not stop me from having fun, sitting there next to the stage... looking, watching fran singing :) and i sang to almost all the malay songs that she sang that night! and she is so selamba, friendly, jovial... i just love her! :)

btw, after studying about the foundation, i smsed kaiser and told him.... that if we want to donate for children who are victims of irresponsible parents and affected with HIV, we do have other channels. 
i like this drummer! he is so cool.
this was delicious :) banana fritters + ice cream