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my customer service experience

by - May 30, 2012

Carrefour Mid Valley

Tuesday: 29th May 2012: Asmayati - Cashier at Carrefour Mid Valley. Bought 2 sets of 3 seluar boxers for rm23.90 and she charged me rm23.90 per piece!! I was shocked at first when the total came to rm90 something, so i asked her, how much did you charge me? with her selamba face, she said rm23.90. so, i corrected her... i told her it was rm23.90 a set of three! and she charged me a set of two... by this time, i was already mad... i said i bought the same set at carrefour wangsa maju with that price.. and the reason i bought was because of the price! and after twice correcting it, she got it! luckily I checked and demand dia betulkan. Suka2 je charge org! Then bila dah betul, she asked me 'betul dah?' with that cynical smile... "ko ingat aku kisah?" Hmmm...
not exactly the one that i bought... but 3 in a set looks like this lah :p
Astro Installer
Tuesday 29th May 2012: Gosh.. 2 things happening in 1 day... okay, here's the story... last wednesday, 2 astro guys (maybe the contractor but they were wearing astro tshirt) did something at our condo's level.. and that night we could only get 3 channels.. on Saturday i called the building management and the staff there gave me the installer's number... i called.. and they did not call me back after saying that they would. (this really pissed me off) coz then, we can only watch 3 channels that night.

Today he called... said that he'll check... when he came it was 3 minutes before kaiser had to leave for work... and before he entered our house, he went to the cable room, and adjusted something before he came to our place and our astro worked fine! and he had the face to tell kaiser that actually there was nothing wrong!? pandai betul dia berlakon! he just needed to know which unit had a problem... apparently he was adjusting for the beyond customers, and it affected the non-beyond customers like us! ergghhh... depa ingat kita busdus kaa???

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