my bluerghhh moments

dont quite remember when i started to feel and be so cranky like right now... everything seemed to be alright.. but suddenly.. hmmm was it because my afternoon nap was disturbed? cannot be... it is such a stupid reason for me to be cranky... other than it could be my 'women time of the month'... but then if i wanna use that as a reason, it should have started yesterday and not today. kan? anyway... i slept for awhile just around 500pm something until maybe around 630pm? then i had to wake up to go home.. i actually snapped at joey :( it is just that he likes to ask redundant questions sometimes, or questions that i think he knows the answer but he'll ask anyway... so... with me being emotionally unstable.. there goes... 

scha & awal  - 4th may 2012
then i waited for scha & awal's wedding ceremony that was supposed to be on 104 live... but it didn't happen.. dang!! me so upset you know!! :p for the 1st time i watch their preparation... and so, i wanted to know the outcome of the wedding...hmmm astro unreliable.. that i can say tonight. weddings just made me cry... :( congrats you both! alhamdulillah.... may you both be filled with lots of love till jannah :) ameen...

and right now, the 2 boys (joey & kaiser) are watching horror scientific stupid alien movie... and i am taking the 'time out' at our home office to blog and blog walking. :) hmmm i better go to sleep now... lisa just kissed me goodnite.. i better go to bed too :) :* good nite all! sweet dreams...

insyaallah see you tomorrow, ok :)


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