Thursday, May 3, 2012

more on langkawi trip :p

around the resort. eehhh!! anak babi!! :D heh heh...
pls ignore the model sleeping.. :P - our room
sorry.... i am so bored at the office right now. just needed a break... uuhrrhmmm... wait! didn't i just had a break last weekend from work? hahaha :D never enough huh... anyway i guess there are just too many photos to share? somehow i was not in the mood to update my fb album... too many photos already in there... :p or why aah?? hmm i don't know, just didn't feel like it.

anyway, last weekend when we went to langkawi... our normal activity would be going to the gym. yeup! we do this most of the time. holiday, holiday jugak... kesihatan jangan dilupakan... cheywahhh... jgn marah :p and plus, kaiser is a gym freak... so, a day without exercising, he will go crazy... have a swollen ankle is not an excuse for not going to the gym! what else?? upper body lah... but i cheated... heh heh.. did for only 30 minutes and played with the camera the rest of the time at the gym :p

and ooh... here are more of the resort's photos that i captured.. i prefer taking picture with my dslr!!! just that with the lumix, it's compact lighter and when we were by the beach, i wasn't scared that it'll get wet :) adalah pros and cons dia... jangan muntah tengok gambar2 nih yeh...

that's kaiser in action :)
playing around at the resort's gym :D