Saturday, May 26, 2012

lunch date with N3 - best pecal!!

you know how i lost with pecal... and N3 is so good at sabotaging my diet! LOL :D it was superbbbb lunch.... i love you lah!!! hahaha next time prepare some more ok... :P the day before, i had 3 servings of my mom's nasi dagang... sorry all, i just couldn't have the time to take picture of the nasi dagang because it was gone too fast! LOL :D 

so, todays lunch was prepare at N3's house... we had fried crab... pecal..with many types of vegetables and fish head soup! another 3 servings of rice today!! arrghhhh.... the pecal was superb... same goes with the crab... and today i learned that if you want to cook crab, get the female crab to get a fuller flesh.. so, my sister and mom said lah... male crab is bigger (i think) but not as much flesh as the female crab :D ok... mak dude, next time i buy crab, cook at your house lah... :D 
this was taken after lunch.... :D we were full, and sleepy :P
delicious lunch! sponsored by N3 :)