Wednesday, May 30, 2012

let's go for a holiday!

my eyes berpinar2.. because i have been browsing places for a holiday break. everything last minute... so, N1 was looking... i was looking... and i tell you... it is not easy to get all different heads and ideas together! most importantly got to fulfill our parents' criteria... my dad is an adventurous person... so, as long as there'll be the sea (for him to fish), or forest for jungle trekking, or waterfall... he'll be okay... but my mom is a bit tough... her holiday is either shopping, or staying in her air-conditioned room! hehehe :D she will be relaxing the whole time.. hey... that is what holiday is all about, right? 

as for me, i wanna go somewhere easy... beach is good... so is jungle trekking or waterfall... and i don't want to travel too far away or get stuck in traffic! for N1... it is most of the time a 5 to 6 star hotel... hmmm achievable but may caused someone in the family to be left behind... so, we go in between... at last, i managed to get 2 suites in a hotel in.... taraaaa... Port Dickson laa... where else! LOL :D hahahahaa... my dad can fish, my mom can relax, kids can be by the pool... happy?! :D 

i will get back with more posting on our holiday when we get back to KL ok... 
this is the picture shown in the hotel's website... let's see if that is how it looks like, real life... it has a living room and direct access to the beach.. :)