Sunday, May 13, 2012

happy mothers' day :)

i had a great start today... when lisa brought in breakfast for me... :) joey wished me earlier since he had to go for a school camp this weekend :) i wished my mom last night before i slept due to very bad migraine... and wished my adopted mom-in-law this morning :) aahhh.... all done for today... before i start my-own day today... i'll just share this picture with you... :) 
my breakfast in bed - from Lisa :* 
mama, you are the best.... thank you for all the sacrifice that you have done for me... for all the unconditional love that you gave.... i will always pray for your happiness and best of health... will love you always!!! 
my mom & dad with all grandchildren... oopss... minus zharee :D
and thank you kaiser... for the sms :) thank you papa! :P