God, please forgive me...

gosshh i really have to stop talking about certain things... :( please people... at times i tend to talk about things that i should not be talking about... huwaaa.... regretting it now.. :'( i dont know why... but i sort of got excited... excited? wtfart??? and it was not the right forum to even talk about it... sorry God.. sorry sayang :( i just got carried away... demmm my mouth!!! astaghfirullahalazim...  

okay.... next... i was lazying on my couch last night... nothing much on tv except 30 min bersama ustaz don :) and after that... i have been switching channels until kaiser got back. and suddenly found this movie on channel 2 last night... unfortunately its on weekday... and i dont want to sleep too late... :( bukan terus tidur pun.. golek2 berapa minit jugak tak leh tido! cheh... :( anyway... next task, is to look for this dvd! 

why do i like to watch hindi movie?
  • for the dances
  • because of the actors/actress - especially those with shah rukh khan!
  • most hindi movie are romantic... :P

why kaiser likes to watch hindi movie?
  • sexy girls... :P


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