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friday shopping spree :)

by - May 25, 2012

i think i am beginning to like this place.  :) i was here last week, with wids... and for the first time, when i put on the sunglasses, i felt like, it is for me :) but... as usual, when i am sober, i will think many many times before i purchase anything :P unless, if i am stressed or hungry! LOL :D hahahaha... so, that day.. i told myself, if i come back next week (which is this week), and the sunglasses are still there, then, it is meant for me :) so... there i was during lunch time :) and i ended up buying 2 blouses... one for me and one for lisa :P har har har... 

i like the clothes... price is reasonable. look fresh... and nice :) 

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