Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Excite your senses with LG Cinema 3D Smart TV

okay, let's try this... my very first assignment... sort of.. :p i have never posted anything on my blog based on other people's request... but hey... no harm done here :)

i was laughed at by my children when i asked about 3D and 2D... okay, so, fine... i don't know all these stuff.. just being ignorant i supposed. the last time i remembered, trying to watch 3D movie back in Canada... i think.. wayyy back in 1997! and i cannot watch as i get dizzy... so, that was the first and last... somehow, when avengers is showing in the cinema, this 3D topic came up again! in summary, let's learn and educate the public at the same time. 

back to the question: why do i want to excite my senses with LG Cinema 3D Smart TV? perhaps, it is about time that i start to be watching in 3D to experience what people are so hype about! the feel like you are in the movie... being in the vehicle etc etc... the feel like the monstrous hand coming out of the screen, right at your sofa in your living room! hahahah :D and by having the LG Cinema 3D Smart TV at home, you can enjoy those at the comfort of your home, with your loved ones... going to the kitchen whenever you want for a break.. :P i don't watch tv so much but who knows, by having this LG Cinema 3D Smart TV i will enjoy the home entertainment more! *wink

so, what makes LG Cinema 3D Smart TV different for the current conventional 3D tv? let's check it out!

wow! it looks more comfortable like a real pair of glasses rather than the  paper ones!
ahhhhh freedom and watching the movies without disturbance!
whoaa.... what can be more realistic than that??
aahhh that's more like it... the more the merrier :) 
no more ache neck huh! :P
comfort is priority!

with the same amount of money, you can have more pair of glasses and,
enjoy watching with more people...
these are just summaries that i did, for more detailed explanation... check out,


Queen of hearts said...

Great info! Thanks. We are buying a new tv for the boys but now I think I wanna get a 3D tv for the living room and put the current tv in the boys room :D

Ein said...

hi babe, best NOT to put any electronic stuff in the bedroom. actually handphones pun kalau boleh jauhkan dari katil - to get better quality sleep/rest for the body. somehow these equipment wave ganggu our system dlm badan.