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dedicated to my abg long

by - May 15, 2012

somehow, i miss my abg long. who is abg long? he is my bff.... and a piece of advice from me, 'never get involve with your bff' or it will ruin everything! hahahaha :D anyways... yeahh... people might say boys and girls cannot be best friends because one of you will fall for each other.. ermmm.. i refused to comment on that :P let's just talk about my abg long... 

we sort of know each other since 1990 when i studied way back in ipoh. when i was a kid, i thought i was a boy.. hahaha :D joke... joke... :P elehh.. chill la... in summary, i was a tomboy... NOT pengkid okay.. there is a different, which i choose not to get into details, as i have children reading my blog :P nyekkkk :P anyway, i prefer to be friends with guys than girls, before... because they are much simpler... and easy going... 

so, we had a group of friends last time... i was known as kak long, and he was the abg long.. we also have angah, adik etc etc... and we'd do lots of stuff together... travelling.. late supper... riding.. etc... gosh we really had fun before :) things that i can still remember was hanging out at the field in front of our house, playing fire crackers during fasting month after people are back from terawikh prayers... or i would sing and abg long played his guitar... or taking a ride on the highway in the middle of the night and one of our friends' tyre was punctured and we walked together for friendship sake :) studying by the river... gosh... such sweet memories. there would be more to write/type, but it will be forever! :)

abg long was very patient with me... he was never angry... (as far as i remembered).. and i was mean to him [most of the time :( ] i am sorry abg long... i am really sorry :"( he taught me quite  a few things.. good and bad things... hehehe :D he was the person who would do anything for me... gosh he is a great guy! and whoever is married to him now is one lucky woman :) 

he taught me how to ride the bike.. the one with clutch :P yes... he trusted me.. and he taught me how to solat terawikh.. and he cooks! oh yess.... his nasi goreng kampong was sedap, ok...!! 2nd place after my dad's nasi goreng kampong... 
*sigh*... hmmmpphh... i wonder what is my abg long doing now... heeee :D :D 

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