Friday, May 25, 2012

if i wear a hijab

confused already? heh heh... no, don't be.. this is just a thought... well, not that i just think about it... i have been thinking about it. so, anyway, just to write down what i have been thinking... here goes... if, insyaallah the time comes when i put on a hijab, i would like to be in this style (shown in the picture below). 
i have bought a few long dresses from my favorite spot in ampang park, just that it was too tight or sticks too well on my body.. perhaps i should loosen them a bit. anyway... i like something simple like that :) and i was watching ustaz don on you tube last week about the right way to wear a hijab.. it made me understand more. not easy but well.... :) and that makes me think, if those people out there who wears not like how they are supposed to wear, how does it count? it needs to cover your chest, not transparent, loose, protect... best explanation, you may watch the video shown below. 


Anonymous said...

alhamdulillah :)
ikhlaskan hati untuk menutup auratmu :)

Ein said...

:) doakan yang terbaik... thank u ;)