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20mins bersama zharee :)

by - May 04, 2012

I am on off day today :) why? Sukahati lah..!! :p heh heh wait... Don't get angry, you'll grow old faster :p haaahha :D when a public holiday falls on a saturday, our office will be off on the friday. :)

Anyway, still had to wake up early and send my joelis to school... Then, went to get breakfast and had breakfast with N3 at her house.. When she's off to work... Apa lagi... Melayan si zharee @ pinoy @ putuk tuh laaa... Habis sampai 3 ekor kucing aku lukis and 3 tapak tangan!! Bila nak balik pulak, setiap lubang grill tu dia nak cium! LOL! :D

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