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i owe you

okay people! i owe you these...
restaurant review...talking about some of my blogger buddies/acquaintancehandbags shopping... or maybe, i can have my own online shopping?   i will be away.... but i hope i can have time to blog... we'll see how okay :) yes... yes... i will miss you too... hahaha *perasan mode* jangan marah... nanti cepat tua :p

pelanduk 2 serupa

i was at mid valley for lunch today, as usual with my lunch buddy, wids... ermmm not really in the mood to elaborate more right now on what we did... hahahah :D well, we had lunch at a new restaurant (new to us) and will write a review on that later.... patience... hehehe... and then, went to the computer shop to get myself privacy screen... and rm170 fly out of my pocket! why do i need it? because i don't like it when people pass by my place and their eyes start to wonder around and looking at what i am doing :p 
anyway, while we were waiting for wids' car... i saw this one lady whom i thought...'eh, she looks so familiar!' by then i was smiling already... and in my thought at that time, i thought she was my blogger buddy - queen of hearts! so i was kinda excited coz it is an exciting feeling when you start to expand your friends through blogging and you get the chance to meet them one day... like how i met aimi :) so, i looked back at her... and ehh.. she has 2 boys..…

let's go for a holiday!

my eyes berpinar2.. because i have been browsing places for a holiday break. everything last minute... so, N1 was looking... i was looking... and i tell you... it is not easy to get all different heads and ideas together! most importantly got to fulfill our parents' criteria... my dad is an adventurous person... so, as long as there'll be the sea (for him to fish), or forest for jungle trekking, or waterfall... he'll be okay... but my mom is a bit tough... her holiday is either shopping, or staying in her air-conditioned room! hehehe :D she will be relaxing the whole time.. hey... that is what holiday is all about, right? 
as for me, i wanna go somewhere easy... beach is good... so is jungle trekking or waterfall... and i don't want to travel too far away or get stuck in traffic! for N1... it is most of the time a 5 to 6 star hotel... hmmm achievable but may caused someone in the family to be left behind... so, we go in between... at last, i managed to get 2 suites in a…

my regular reader comment :)

i was talking to lisa on the way to work today... somehow we were talking about my blog.. and she gave her comment :) she doesn't like that there were too many labels in the categories area at the top of the page of my blog. i told her, i didn't like it either... if i remembered, last time, we get to choose for it to appear, maybe the top 20 highest postings about it... but somehow, now i need to select one by one... perhaps blogger admin can do something about this option? so now.. i chose the most topic or any of my favorite... hehehe :D but no worries, even if the category that you are looking for is not there, you can still search in my blog using the search button option, ok :)

my customer service experience

Carrefour Mid Valley
Tuesday: 29th May 2012: Asmayati - Cashier at Carrefour Mid Valley. Bought 2 sets of 3 seluar boxers for rm23.90 and she charged me rm23.90 per piece!! I was shocked at first when the total came to rm90 something, so i asked her, how much did you charge me? with her selamba face, she said rm23.90. so, i corrected her... i told her it was rm23.90 a set of three! and she charged me a set of two... by this time, i was already mad... i said i bought the same set at carrefour wangsa maju with that price.. and the reason i bought was because of the price! and after twice correcting it, she got it! luckily I checked and demand dia betulkan. Suka2 je charge org! Then bila dah betul, she asked me 'betul dah?' with that cynical smile... "ko ingat aku kisah?" Hmmm... Astro Installer
Tuesday 29th May 2012:Gosh.. 2 things happening in 1 day... okay, here's the story... last wednesday, 2 astro guys (maybe the contractor but they were wearing astro tshirt) did…

my new sunglasses hijacked!

I was browsing my bb's photo gallery when I found this picture! New sunglasses pun kena hijack!
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what defines you...

take me away...

the times when i wished i can be elsewhere... i just wanna go somewhere... where it is peaceful... where i can be at peace... did i just repeat myself? somewhere where i don't have to worry about anything... maybe i should just fly to an island?

how to change layout of your blog tabs

:) i am so happy today... as usual i will be playing around with my blog... wait.. don't get me wrong... work comes first okay *smirk* LOL :D this is to increase creativity :P hahahhaa.. anyway, i am trying to merge my photography blog into my personal blog, which so far has succeeded but somehow, knowing me, at times too much info to put in... and somehow the space was limited. i put all those into 'pages' in blogspot's template/layout. and when i had more than 4 pages, i needed to sacrifice 1 page before :( so, somehow, this morning i was more relaxed and found out that i can reduce the text size! doink... hahaha LOL... so now i am so happy that i can get all the pages up there! until i gatal if i want to add more pages :p

dance for you..beyonce?

perghhh tengok dia menari mcm menarik... tapi... adusss... melentik2 gitu... boleh ker? :o sakit pinggang aku wehh.... setakat tengok cuci mata boleh la :D hehehe

beautiful sunday :)

started with sending joey to his kelas tambahan... breakfast with my parents... then, accompanied N3 to sri damansara... got home.. sleep after fetching joey from my parents' house.. owhh... before that, sent joey to his drum class.. had lunch at ayam penyet.. [this is what happens when you have so much to tell, but you are sleepy and hungry :p] towards the evening, N3 came to my house to fetch me and joey to fetch lisa back from her camp ibadah...and after that we had early dinner... at tarbush... sorry too tired to edit the food pictures... later later ok... enjoy other pictures first :)

precious moment with hubby

conversation took place less than 5 minutes ago :p

hubby: have u tried this dark choc?
me: no, but u can take for me some...
hubby: that is not the question... i asked if u have tried this choc?
me: no, u knw i don't eat choc, unless i am stressed..
hubby: here try.. *walking to me with a piece of choc for me* ahh.. u know i eat choc all the time becoz i am all the time stressed with u! :p
me: hahahaha :D gute! LOL

*my precious moment with hubby :p*

lunch date with N3 - best pecal!!

you know how i lost with pecal... and N3 is so good at sabotaging my diet! LOL :D it was superbbbb lunch.... i love you lah!!! hahaha next time prepare some more ok... :P the day before, i had 3 servings of my mom's nasi dagang... sorry all, i just couldn't have the time to take picture of the nasi dagang because it was gone too fast! LOL :D 
so, todays lunch was prepare at N3's house... we had fried crab... pecal..with many types of vegetables and fish head soup! another 3 servings of rice today!! arrghhhh.... the pecal was superb... same goes with the crab... and today i learned that if you want to cook crab, get the female crab to get a fuller flesh.. so, my sister and mom said lah... male crab is bigger (i think) but not as much flesh as the female crab :D ok... mak dude, next time i buy crab, cook at your house lah... :D

if i wear a hijab

confused already? heh heh... no, don't be.. this is just a thought... well, not that i just think about it... i have been thinking about it. so, anyway, just to write down what i have been thinking... here goes... if, insyaallah the time comes when i put on a hijab, i would like to be in this style (shown in the picture below).  i have bought a few long dresses from my favorite spot in ampang park, just that it was too tight or sticks too well on my body.. perhaps i should loosen them a bit. anyway... i like something simple like that :) and i was watching ustaz don on you tube last week about the right way to wear a hijab.. it made me understand more. not easy but well.... :) and that makes me think, if those people out there who wears not like how they are supposed to wear, how does it count? it needs to cover your chest, not transparent, loose, protect... best explanation, you may watch the video shown below. 
some other info that i gather,…

friday shopping spree :)

i think i am beginning to like this place.  :) i was here last week, with wids... and for the first time, when i put on the sunglasses, i felt like, it is for me :) but... as usual, when i am sober, i will think many many times before i purchase anything :P unless, if i am stressed or hungry! LOL :D hahahaha... so, that day.. i told myself, if i come back next week (which is this week), and the sunglasses are still there, then, it is meant for me :) so... there i was during lunch time :) and i ended up buying 2 blouses... one for me and one for lisa :P har har har... 
i like the clothes... price is reasonable. look fresh... and nice :)

it's a beautiful friday!

ein's note: it taught me to be stronger it taught me that there is someone better it taught me to be more independent it taught me the real love comes from Allah swt and family members it taught me to be debt free it taught me to spend less it taught me to save for rainy days it taught me to be tougher, though at times i can be cold hearted it taught me the value of trust it taught me the value of communication in relationship it taught me, that it is all about teamwork and partnership it taught me about making things work it taught me about the power of 'doa' it taught me that it is not the end of the world, as when you got up, you will be a brand new person!
did you realized that when you repeat certain words, it became weird? LOL :D -taught- hahahaha

bazaar at rasta, ttdi: 26 - 27 May 2012

check out some interesting stuff at the bazaar at rasta, ttdi this weekend.... there will be clothes, accessories, cakes, cupcakes, materials, shoes, tudung.... and lots more!  don't miss this event! Where is Rasta @ TTDI? Map and directions to the location with picture. Di mana Rasta Taman Tun Dr Ismail? Peta dan panduan ke lokasi dengan gambar…

Address: Jalan Datuk Sulaiman, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaAlamat Poskod: 60000 Kuala Lumpur GPS Coordinates: N3 09.519 E101 37.583Info: Formerly located at Jalan Burhanuddin Helmi, Rasta @ TTDI is now housed in bigger premises at a relatively remote location near Sungai Penchala. The new venue is called Plaza Rasta and parking is now much easier. The popular food court is surrounded by an assortment of shops, Rasta Car Wash and a Surau Al Rasta. Many of the stalls from the old Rasta are here, including the much-talked-about Azim’s fatty burgers.

MyCen Map / Peta:
Landmarks: Rasta @ TTDI (X), Restoran Puteri (1), Kiara Par…

something else made my day :)

i found another interesting blog for me to visit :) so far i have only read 2 of her posting... i like it coz it's clean, neat and easy to understand, without having too much advertisement popping up here and there :) i might just follow her for now :) hehehe :D me, so happy!! yeyy..

it's party time today!

yeahhh the party is today.... the Nuffnang LG Party is on babeehhh... :) looking forward to it... since this is my first time attending, errr... pretty excited.. :p ngeh ngeh ngeh.... so i guess, you'll come back for updates? ;) *wink*... i brought my compact lumix with me... see if i can capture good pics ;) so till next update.... stay tune...   p/s: can't write too much now... busy at work... better get more work done while the engine is hot and mood is here :) hehehe :p

end of a boring long tuesday!