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a wonderful dream

by - April 10, 2012

I had the most wonderful dream last nite..
I was out with my kids.. And we were stuck at a small surau because it rains..
After waiting for a while.. Suddenly my husband took the sejadah and he said "while waiting I want to pray lah"!
And he did!!!!
I was shocked! :O
And after prayer he asked me what time is asar.. I said 430pm a few mins more
Then he said "then I just wait here for asar first lah"
And at that time there were many people starting to solat jemaah..
I told him "you just follow the leader"
And he smiled at me and he said "I know la :)"
Ya Allah, pls help me get this dream come true :) O:)
dear readers, amin kan for me..please? :) :)

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