Tuesday, April 24, 2012

tioman island 31st mac - 2nd apr 2012

my long due posting :p got to wait for the writing mood to come.. hehehe :D well anyway... yeahh.. it was my leisure diving trip. was supposed to bring both JoeLis but Lisa had something on.. so, it was quality time just me and joey :) i didnt know what to expect coz normally Joey is ermm how do you say it... manja lah :P hehehe :D he's gonna kill me when he reads this.. so anyway, unlike Lisa who is normally more relaxed, Joey requires extra attention.. otherwise he will sulk. so, during the trip, i told myself, i am not gonna dive so much during this trip coz i want to spend more time with joey :) and.. okay... he has my samsung galaxy tab to keep him entertained. 

the time that we arrived, the wave was really strong and scary to swim in the ocean. joey looked quite disappointed. but towards the evening, joey and i walked to the jetty nearby and we both went snorkeling. still strong wave but ok lah... joey all excited seeing the fish! and hey... really enjoyed my new camera! still learning tho... there was this one time, joey and i were swimming backwards, and when i looked at joey, i asked him, "where is your mask and snorkel?" he went, "huh? ala ma... mana mask joey?" and as i thought, it was wayyyyy deep in the ocean... so, this heroic mommy thought, aahh okay... i can dive in and get it... not realizing that it was actually deep enough!!! pergghhh i did panicked for a while. and my dive computer went... tit tittt ttitt and during that time, memang la berangan kan macam saper tu jessica alba? hehehe :D berangan laahh.. but when i did it, rasa macam tak sampai2.... i was trying to hold my breath... and as soon as i surfaced... thank God.. i did it! and got joey's mask and snorkel in my hand. 

asked rey from ray's dive adventure if joey can do a scuba discovery.. and hey.. joey did it :) i am so proud of him. didnt expect joey to agree straight away but he did :) yey... and that day he dived at 4.4m deep :)  and since he enjoys it.. we'll see, when he gets 5As for his upsr, i might just send him to take up his license :) notice that i wrote 'when' instead of 'if'? :) it is a challenge for you joey! and i know you can do it! :* 

i am glad that i spent the weekend with joey... he is one cool guy... as long as he has the tab with him and laptop.. he survives.. hhehee :D and i get to do 3 dives :) should have brought him to one of my dive trip where we stopped on an island. :) 
joey's scuba discovery :)
camera used: panasonic lumix :) 


Queen of hearts said...

Yeay mommy! I can dive in pool but not in the sea. Bravo! And good job to Joey too. So fun! Mother and son quality time :)
We were in Tioman last year but didn't snorkel nor dive (we don't dive anyways. LOL!) My youngest son didn't want us to get in the sea so we took the glass-bottom boat instead. :{ The boat driver told us that the under water current was pretty strong at that time.