Tuesday, April 3, 2012

nudi branch

ok, why am i writing about this? easy.... because .... i am a diver! hahahha :D ok ok... relax chill.. jangan marahh... okay here is the story. i have been diving for only since 2008...fairly new diver... did my advanced last year. anyway, whenever we go out diving, i don't really pay attention to names.. i would just like to watch the underwater creatures and enjoy their life there... and i tell you, it is another world down there... it is just beautiful.. and amazing... subhanallah... Allah swt's creation. and that everytime, MR will always mention, nudi branch... and everytime after my dive trip, i told myself i will search on the internet and see if i have seen it... coz i felt like left out... coz i did not know what is nudi branch. 

so this is how it looks like... at least the ones that i have seen many times :) and apparently, there are a few looks? read more here... 

and ohhh... i can't wait to share photos from my new toy!! underwater.... fuhhhh i love this new camera... it does good for now ... not gonna spend that much yet on a deeper acc for casing :P hahahhaha