Wednesday, April 11, 2012

is it just me?

seated at a corner somewhere near my house... and as i sat at a corner, i cried.. and i cried again..everything seems to be wrong to me... is it me?am i being over sensitive? or its just a sign that i cannot pretend that i am that strong anymore? where is my strength? if he loves me, why am i not convinced? maybe i am taking certain things or words that comes out from his mouth too seriously? or maybe he is too cheerful about everything that he is just not sensitive about my feelings? i dont know... *sigh*....

things that are jokes to him but to me, i have gone through this, and it is too painful for me to endure again... 

siot org bengang2 dengan dia... dia leh sms, 'i am going to the gym now, you want to follow?' hampeh!! camner aku nak respond? rasa macam nak cekik dia pun ader!! gggrrr