i have a problem...

no.... dont kill me yet with the title... not that major of a problem really.. its just that i find it errmmm out of place.. well of course, one is not expected to know everything or to be expert of everything, right? i am blabbering... yes i am... word of caution.. this may jump here and there... whatever i want to write about.. hahah! but okay... here's the thing... i have been thinking of this.. eversince my two kids aka joelis changed their blog platform to tumblr... wanna know something... i kinda dislike it... hehehe :D because.... i dont understand how to appreciate it!! argghh... why do kids or teenagers like tumblr so much? why? why? why? please tell me why?? but i do like the photos or gifs tat comes with it tho... 

am i too old for this? :( *emo mode*


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