Thursday, April 5, 2012

how much did you spend on your wedding?

The average cost of a wedding has reached $30,000 in the United States!
in malaysia??? hahhaa i know people would spend hundreds of thousand RM!! 

hahahah interesting topic for this morning. i was just having a chat with my cousin yesterday on this. and nowadays people in malaysia would take up bank loan just for their wedding ceremony. what do i think about this? RUBBISH!! i believe people should have cash in hand to spend on their wedding ceremony.. and they need not spend so much, better concentrate on the marriage expenditure later.. :) as for myself, i don't remember how much i spent for my 1st wedding... hehehehe i think my parents spent most of it coz i was still in my final year at the uni at that time. 

i became wiser for my 2nd wedding ceremony :) spent only rm20,000, i think.... and no loans whatsoever... was it tough? yeup! you bet it was!! why? because, i have so many relatives and friends, but i had to choose my guests. limit them to only 200 pax for nikah, and 100 pax for the dance party... ended up more turned up for the nikah... but it's just like that for a malay wedding.. itu pun ada kawan2 and saudara mara merajuk for not being invited. sorry la... this is my 2nd wedding lah.. no need so many people... heehehhe :D malu laaa.. it was a small do anyway... :)

so, how much did you spend on your wedding? or if you are not married yet, how much would you spend? :)