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God is with me :)

by - April 10, 2012

been extremely emotional lately... blaming on pms... bwahahaaha :D LOL... kids are definitely growing up so fast! each time i get to be with them, they will be like racing with each other to talk to me.. not that i am complaining but is that normal for children? :D hehehe and i wonder those with more than 2 kids! :o me and kaiser have another different challenge all together. with the current mood swing that i have, at times i cannot take it, his ways, his comments although perhaps when i am okay, it was just his way of saying things and perhaps he did not meant it like how i hear it. *sigh.... taking a long deep breath* i have gone through this, not just once, but a few times.. and i still get emotional at times.. especially during my monthly emo time.. hahaha again..., blame it on pms. hermmm... i guess.. ermm no... i supposed, if God brings me to it, He will help me through it. :) insyaallah..

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