Monday, April 9, 2012

go back to Allah, you'll feel much better

i was so upset last night upon a misunderstanding between me and kaiser. so upset that when i cooked dinner, when i chopped the chicken, i banged the knife so hard on the chicken that i was so afraid of myself. lisa came to me to the kitchen and i snapped at her - unintentionally. well for some reason, i am also tired of her question that has made her like a police / warden or something at home. so, i snapped at her.. i am sorry gurl... just so upset... and your question wasn't helping the situation.

anyway, just before dinner ends, my chest felt so heavy that i can cry anytime.. or at least i did cry inside. did a few other things to distract. and the most wrong thing to do, is to sleep with anger inside. but, i cannot talk about it. at least not when i am not calmed. 

but this morning, as i have reached my office, i have come to peace with myself. what makes me feel better when i realized that whatever i have in this world is temporary. nothing will be brought with me when i die. nothing belongs to me... it all belongs to Allah swt. so, it is okay if anyone wants to own them...