Tuesday, April 17, 2012

gleneagles kl service is getting bad to worst

okay here is the story. kaiser has been getting this clench nails aka cengkam kuku in malay :) it started on friday and gets worsen on saturday. if you dont know, kaiser is very scared of seeing the doctor. most of the time, he will treat whatever sickness on his own.. hehehe :D but this time, no way... it has swollen and i dont want it to get bigger!! and you bet - it hurts like hell!! so last night, after my 'smash' series, i forced him to go to gleneagles hospital at jalan ampang. 

time: 10.30pm
date: 16th apr 2012
venue: gleneagles hospital, jalan ampang, kl

when we reached there, at the registration (emergency), the nurse totally ignored my existence. not even a look or a hello. gosh, somehow i feel that the hospital staff has gone worst! no smile whatsoever. i would understand if there are many patients, but it is their duty to acknowledge who comes to the counter to register. and another nurse was walking.. taking her own sweet time in the registration area.. looking for i dont know what.. after waited about 5 minutes, the nurse asked me if i want to pay.. and i said, 'no, i'd like to register' then, she gave me the form to fill out. we waited for more than half hour before being called and being attended to. my impression last night was like most of them just were not in the mood to work? 

so, done seeing the doctor... he gave kaiser 2 options.. to take off the nails last night or wait for 2 days, give some medication and see if it subsides... so, as usual kaiser chose option 2.. both options hurt anyway... the nurse cleaned up kaiser's toes and bandaged the area after putting some antibiotic cream on it. for this, i'd give the nurse some credit, she has been nice and patient. 

next was the waiting for medicine. we left the treatment room about 11.40pm... and we waited until 12.30am for the medicine??? come on!!! and when i approached the dispensary counter to ask, the nurse on duty there looked at me, as though i dont have the right to ask at all. no smile whatsoever and her face expression was like, cant you just wait?? i feel like if you cannot handle customers/patients, just dont be at the frontline. and i was not the only one who had to wait for so long... there was one patient who waited for 1.5 hours just to get a room??? hello!!! gleaneagles...what happened to you???

you really need to buck up man!!! for a private hospital and the service is terrible... !!!