Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Do you know where your abs are?

hot stuff! :P
Deliberately crunch down on the ab muscles for about a second with each rep. You will not be able to perform as many repetitions but the ones that you do will be much more effective. If you have access to elbow slings and an overhead bar, hanging knee raises are another great way to work the abs. The number of repetitions that you do is not as important as the quality of repetitions. Each set of exercises should bring you to an honest burn. It is important that you use some judgment here. You should be able to distinguish between a muscular burn and back pain or pain from any other source. As long as you know the difference, don't cheat yourself, go for a least a mild burn before stopping. Wait for a minuet or so and complete a second set, followed by rest and then a third set. Unlike larger muscle groups, the abs recover well and can be trained every other day. If you have access to an ab machine then by all means include it in your workout. It is important that you vary your routine to avoid acclimatization to any one particular program. One of my favorite ab workouts is two sets of hanging knee raises followed with one set of incline crunches.

I want you to know that the plan above works and that if done properly, you will see results. It is important to consider however that abs are only one part of the equation that is your entire physique. In coming articles we will address other parts of the body. For now however, you have enough information to give you abs that you can be proud of. What are you waiting for?

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