Tuesday, May 1, 2012

the andaman, langkawi ~ a luxury weekend getaway :)

been reading lots of sad and depressing news online... and my mood is getting, lets freshen up with the nice stories! last weekend, had the chance for a luxury getaway with kaiser :) accommodation & flight fully sponsored by the company :P staff outing lah :P hahaha :D this year not taking joelis with us coz the total fare is too expensive for langkawi trip. insyaallah, we'll be back... with joelis :) and will be staying at pantai cenang area where it is more 'alive' :) 

the trip went well, alhamdulillah, had a great time... relaxing drive... weather was a bit weird, coz the area where we stayed, it rained most of the time, but once we drove out, it was hot! especially at pantai cenang area. this was kaiser's first visit to the island. :) i guess he enjoys it. 

some area of langkawi has quite good development but some are ermmm run down... is that the right expression? :( we went to air hangat, oriental village few times, pantai cenang area every day when we were there because there were more choices of stuff to see and buy, kuah town.. nothing much... although we originally planned to go on the yacht, we changed the plan as it is time consuming and rushing for a 3 days 2 nights trip. next time, insyaallah :)

owhh... i fell down on the day i arrived.. :P yeupp... and had swollen ankle... :( there goes, my stylo with my new wedges :P
  • date of visit: 27 - 29 April, 2012
  • location: The Andaman, Langkawi Island
  • room: Deluxe, with Rainforest view - i think :P 
  • decor: beautiful, neat, spacious enough for two :) nice bathroom
  • cleanliness of the room: 10 out of 10. 
  • surrounding of the hotel: interesting, quiet and lots of monkeys and birds' sound. be careful with monkey tho... they might enter your room.. and if you walk with food, they might approach you :)
  • resort service: good! friendly and helpful staff especially to kaiser :o hmmm is it because he is a mat salleh? 
  • restaurant service: the restaurant staff/crew were friendly. keep it up!
  • food: food was okay... not that many variety... but it was okay... 
  • food price: what do you expect for a luxury stay? :P fried kuey tiow for rm42++ a plate? rm160++ for seafood buffet dinner :) 
  • pool: nice :) fancy... although we didn't get to swim at all...
need improvement:
  • bathroom: they should mark the shower knob red & blue for hot water.... as we tend to turn it right and left, trial and error... 
  • room: it tends to be wet due to the aircond, or is it because of the forest area? i don't know... first when we asked the reception, they said, it was because we switched off the aircond.. but even after we switched on, our room was still wet...and the floor became slippery. i almost slipped few times on the way to the bathroom.
  • medical assistant: i was at the medical room asking for a bandage for my swollen ankle.. they have a lot of other medical stuff, medications, but out of stock on bandage? hmmm... need to stock up more for emergency! :)
  • live band: we managed to listen for awhile.. the band group needs to be more energetic singing and vocalist should get up and dance instead of just seated :) 
  • fridge: was too small and looked old.
would i recommend the place? yes! :) it was a beautiful, quiet place... kids might find it boring.. unless they wanna spend the whole day by the pool. more suitable for couples or business people who just wanna relax.
we had a great time :) it was indeed a good break from work... although i do receive office calls!! ggrr.... :P


Queen of hearts said...

Bestnya company sponsored. Bila lah my hubby's company nak sponsor our vacay. Hehehe! Looks like you had a blast!! The last time we went to Langkawi was back in 2004. ;/

Ein said...

ha'ah best :) every year ada trip :) alhamdulillah, generous company... why would i stay here for berbelas2 tahun? hahahah :D