Thursday, March 1, 2012

work trip

sometimes, people just need to show that he has power but the real fact he is full of S%$7!! and respect is something that you need to earn and not to force on people... :) too bad.. you are stuck in the so called hot seat with lots of hatred and cursing that people around has on you... :)

sometimes no matter how hard you want to avoid or ignore, we are just human... it somehow affect.. and thinking about it is truly waste of energy and time. it is like a busy bee flying above you and you try to hit it, but it's still there? or better still like a fly who has landed on shit.. and this fly is bringing along the whole big shit with it!! yeup... full of shit!!

i am diverting the incident this morning to my work trip this weekend. at first i don't really feel like going, but if since they need my assistance then i'd go... if you ask me, i don't really wanna go... i'd rather stay home and clean up the house :) but it's okay... work maaa.. :) at least i get to dive :) it's gonna be in tioman this time