Friday, March 16, 2012

salang pusaka resort - tioman island

more about my recent diving / recee trip. ermm well... what should i say? i dunno but after looking at the diving trip photos yesterday, took it from my friend.. i feel like i wanna say more. so, okay... we might have our project here.. in tioman.. pending management's approval. so anyway, we stayed at salang pusaka, i think, the name of the place. if you google it now (the time that i am posting this :P) i think you are going to get old photos of the place. now, as in today... the place looks much nicer and clean :) hehehe :D
  • date of visit: 4th - 6th march 2012
  • location: Salang Pusaka Resort, Tioman Island
  • room: 1st night i had a very basic room for two.. it was okay for divers.. but for non-divers, maybe a bit boring :P
  • decor: nice after seeing the nicer rooms :P. some are like honeymoon suites :)
  • cleanliness of the room: 9 out of 10. 
  • cleanliness of the area: it was okay, except for the 'lebah tanah' they called them? they are really annoying.. but according to the staff, the bees don't sting? but i guess its true, coz they did not disturb us.. just that they are noisy! and owhh... saw biawaks too :P
  • chalet service: good! 
  • cafe service: the cafe staff/crew were friendly. they are on their own btw, not under the same mgt as salang pusaka resort (note). 
  • improvement for cafe: they need to be on time!! breakfast should be ready by 7am!!
  • food: it was delicious... love the bbq part... and owh the nasi goreng kampung too!! the sotong bakar at night was superb!
  • pool: hello... it is by the beach!! no need pool lah! :P hahhahah 
would i recommend the place? yes, why not :) they have nice beach too towards end of the island. the surrounding area looks happening but we were too tired to enjoy the bar or bistro for the music...  it was a work trip hey ;) for divers, it is good enough... but do not expect luxury :) enjoy the pictures :)

please excuse the model wanna be yehh.. hahhaha :D :P