Friday, March 9, 2012

my dive trip in tioman :)

wow... i have been neglecting my blog! that was what i told lisa yesterday.. i will blame it on maxis.. for not having a strong line connection on tioman island. i have doing this and that for the past few weeks. first the moving... then, cleaning up session, not done with that, suddenly the committee for the office's project aware needed to go for recce... this time, we call it coral rehab project. it is really interesting. so, last weekend, we were on a work trip to tioman. tiring, informative, fun, etc etc... 

i was so excited to see the lion fish, that i called batek fish as how i described it to zyman. :) zyman is a partner at azmi's dive in tioman. and below is roughly how the coral rehab project is gonna look like. i am so excited with this project!!

enjoy the pics dear readers.. i will write more soon! about the place... how berjaya people sucks!! hahahaha :D
the lion fish

mcm mak tiri order food :P

already on the way back...