Thursday, March 15, 2012

cheng ho restaurant, wangsa maju

a halal chinese muslim restaurant belongs to the famous amy search :) have not been here for some time. but this week, we went twice. 13th march 2012, the 1st time, we entered, seated, but left a few minutes later because the waiter did not want to change the dvd movie that they are playing. it was a horror movie and because the audio was quite loud, my son is afraid, so we left without ordering. 

so, we were there the next day, was supposed to cook dinner but since was rushing, we decided to have early dinner, started at 630pm and ended just when maghrib. it was a relaxing ambiance for me and my joelis. 
moving to the wangsa maju is not what i really like. the place looked/seemed convenient but to busy. personally if you ask me, i prefer a more quiet place. as quiet and isolated as bkt antarabangsa, i can still have everything there.., from fuel to top up my touch-n-go card! but there is wangsa maju... i just don't know where to go?!... 

anyway, we had a great dinner.. but this was what happened. one of my kids left their handphone there. i searched for it everywhere. and when we reached home, searched for it in the car, nothing! so my thought was, the restaurant! kaiser as usual would get angry lah.. *roll of eyes* he will start to nag bla bla bla... and in the end, he asked me to bring joelis back to the restaurant to look for the phone. and.... alhamdulillah!! the restaurant crew kept the phone for us!! wow... it is rare to have honest people around anymore nowadays. and what happened the other night, really amazed me :)) syabas to amy and his crew! :)
  • date of visit: 14th Mac 2012
  • location:  15 & 17G, Jalan Wangsa Delima 10, Block 3B D’Wangsa, Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • place: nice, clean, okay lah... but somehow it has become a bit boring.. the decor i think.
  • decor: normal for a restaurant, nothing special. 
  • cleanliness: clean :) just that a towel that was used to wrap around the juice blender, i think, should be changed :)
  • service: friendly waiters.
  • price: a total bill for about rm70 something because we took the set. 
  • food: black pepper beef, butter squid, scramble eggs, tofu with thai sauce, gosh.. cannot remember the other one.
will i recommend the place..yes :) 

comment: can the restaurant manager change the menu brochure? it doesn't look nice coz it looks a bit cheapo? 
butter squid
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Cheng Ho Rest entrance
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