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my new toy! Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS3

Yey… finally I decided to just grab a compact camera J and it can be brought underwater J yey  yey yey… can’t wait to bring it to Tioman this weekend on my trip with Joey and my office colleagues. I have been eye-ing for a waterproof camera. Somehow, we have become lazy to bring my DSLR due to the weight and size, although it is still the best in terms of photo quality. But ahh… will see how J And so, if you guys wanna know more about my new toy… feel free to browse this page. I have yet to try mine… will let you know, or maybe just upload some photos when I come back from my trip next week :P Mine is orange in colour by the way J

blogspot blocked?

Hmmmm don’t know what to say mode right now. As usual, my routine would be checking emails, then blogs.. just to start the day. And today, I learned that blogspot has been blocked from the office. When I asked, the answer that I received was, “Biasalah, sini banyak bloggers”, and so?? What is wrong with that? We cannot express our feelings and creativity anymore? Gosh, it has becoming more and more unacceptable. Or it affects me because I am a blogger? Hmmm okay lah… whatever… I can still blog via email, just that the feeling is a bit different and I cannot put labels on my postings. So okay… that is about the things that has been going around in my work life… call it boring if you want, but do I have a choice?
I have a few postings pending… some I have started half way… but somehow I have a problem with my right hand now… some fingers hurt… could it be because of bbm-ing? It sounds funny I knowm but I was just thinking if that could be the cause? Hehehe :D :P Anyway, people… I will b…

13 tips on how to lose weight fast

ahh okay... i am desperate! have i told you that i have been eating like a pig lately? of have been for the past few weeks/months... arghhh... blame it on work stress!! well anyway, i really need to reduce my weight especially the thigh area! yes, they are fat! hey... slim women have problems too in certain area okay... give us a break to whine.. :P ahaks... :P and i share this issue with some friends too :) who are also slim like me, but have the same issue, thigh. so, let's share this info that i found on the website.. but of course, i must change my food pattern!!! 
so, i looked around... a fast way, perhaps would cost me a bomb... to go to a slimming center, which is so not me... :P now i am trying to swim a lot at home. hahahah just got 2 times this week. should be doing more.. perhaps i should do a schedule for me?! wokay all, here goes...
13. Get Motivated
This tip is one tip that is a must. Without doing this, you are not going to lose that fat fast. You see, motivation is th…

Cute froggie!

I just received this on my desk today!! It definitely put a smile on my face!! Yey!! Thank you! Thank you! Whoever you are!! :) *hugs*

fly with berjaya air

pergghhh.... title...! superb!! intro je tu babes... service? gosh... they really really need to work harder! my ofc mate and i had this experience twice with berjaya air recently how they screwed up our bookings. for one, their call center people and ticketing department people do not communicate. tak masuk lagi they had cockroach in flight flying with us!! damn!! i was seated next to LS when suddenly i thought i saw something crawling.. and true enough it was a cockroach!! and they really need to upholster their seats man!! seriously!! i am just grateful that they can fly and land that thing they call plane!! 
well, anyway the reason of this posting is to share with you, IF in future you wish to fly with berjaya air, book online instead of calling coz by doing so, you'll save money. that is if you wanna save lah... you see, i plan to take joelis with me but since lisa has an event in school, she doesnt want to come, so i am taking joey alone with me. LS helped me to book... and…

salang pusaka resort - tioman island

more about my recent diving / recee trip. ermm well... what should i say? i dunno but after looking at the diving trip photos yesterday, took it from my friend.. i feel like i wanna say more. so, okay... we might have our project here.. in tioman.. pending management's approval. so anyway, we stayed at salang pusaka, i think, the name of the place. if you google it now (the time that i am posting this :P) i think you are going to get old photos of the place. now, as in today... the place looks much nicer and clean :) hehehe :D date of visit: 4th - 6th march 2012location: Salang Pusaka Resort, Tioman Islandroom: 1st night i had a very basic room for two.. it was okay for divers.. but for non-divers, maybe a bit boring :Pdecor: nice after seeing the nicer rooms :P. some are like honeymoon suites :)cleanliness of the room: 9 out of 10. cleanliness of the area: it was okay, except for the 'lebah tanah' they called them? they are really annoying.. but according to the staff, the…

cheng ho restaurant, wangsa maju

a halal chinese muslim restaurant belongs to the famous amy search :) have not been here for some time. but this week, we went twice. 13th march 2012, the 1st time, we entered, seated, but left a few minutes later because the waiter did not want to change the dvd movie that they are playing. it was a horror movie and because the audio was quite loud, my son is afraid, so we left without ordering. 
so, we were there the next day, was supposed to cook dinner but since was rushing, we decided to have early dinner, started at 630pm and ended just when maghrib. it was a relaxing ambiance for me and my joelis.  moving to the wangsa maju is not what i really like. the place looked/seemed convenient but to busy. personally if you ask me, i prefer a more quiet place. as quiet and isolated as bkt antarabangsa, i can still have everything there.., from fuel to top up my touch-n-go card! but there is wangsa maju... i just don't know where to go?!... 
anyway, we had a great dinner.. but this was …

Tunggu daddy

Its 1am now.. Kids are still waiting for daddy to come and pick them up. They are going off for a holiday. I am going to miss my joelis for sure. I hope they will enjoy themselves there :) Joey waiting for his dad until he falls asleep.. Lisa and I are still awake. I brought my work home but just not in the mood to do any work. Mana la daddy ni. I pray that they'll arrive safely tomorrow morning.. اِ نْ شَآ ءَ اللّهُ.

My love forever!

@ainkalam_osbahr: My kids are my sunshine :) love them so very much! @weeshweesh_ @JoeyCamain <3

God give me strength :)

@ainkalam_osbahr: Believes that Allah has this planned for me :) and He knows I can handle this. Amin :) اِ نْ شَآ ءَ اللّهُ. Ya Allah pls guide me.

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Ilmu @ excel resort

10am: Listening to dato dr fadzilah kamsah at excel training while sending joelis for inspire camp.

Wasiat untuk anak2ku:
1) Jgn miss solat selama mama & daddy masih hidup atau sudah meninggal
2) Baca alquran tiap hari
3) Buat apa2 pun yang terbaik
4) Bantu org
5) Jgn menyusahkan org lain

How does the mind functions?
Selagi ibu bapa tidak berubah bgmana anak hendak berubah?Anak2 lebih mendengar ckp guru kerana ibu bapa seringkali mungkir janji (tanpa disedari).Have fruits first before anything else :) (things that I often forget too)*Syaitan kencing berdiri, jadi, nak ajar anak, bapak jgn kencing berdiri ;)Meja untuk belajar, halakan ke arah qiblat.Padam fikiran -ve dgn gambaran2 +ve dgn memberi contoh kebaikan :)Setiap anak sama tapi tidak serupa.. :) berlaku adil lah dengan semua ;)95% problematic kids come from problematic parents - research done.Kids will learn from what they see their parents do.Cuci hati
Solat taubat, istighfar, maafkan org, baca quran, cuci mencuci :)

marriage jokes :)

Always get married early in the morning.  That way, if it doesn't work out, you haven't wasted a whole day.

10 reasons not to jog

My grandmother started walking five miles a day when she was 60. She's 97 now & we don't know where the heck she is.The only reason I would take up jogging is so that I could hear heavy breathing again.I joined a health club last year, spent about 400 bucks. Haven't lost a pound. Apparently you have to show up.I have to exercise in the morning before my brain figures out what I'm doing.I don't exercise at all. If God meant us to touch our toes, he would have put them further up our body.I like long walks, especially when they are taken by people who annoy me.I have flabby thighs, but fortunately my stomach covers them.The advantage of exercising every day is that you die healthier.If you are going to try cross-country skiing, start with a small country.I don't jog. It makes the ice jump right out of my glass.

my dive trip in tioman :)

wow... i have been neglecting my blog! that was what i told lisa yesterday.. i will blame it on maxis.. for not having a strong line connection on tioman island. i have doing this and that for the past few weeks. first the moving... then, cleaning up session, not done with that, suddenly the committee for the office's project aware needed to go for recce... this time, we call it coral rehab project. it is really interesting. so, last weekend, we were on a work trip to tioman. tiring, informative, fun, etc etc... 
i was so excited to see the lion fish, that i called batek fish as how i described it to zyman. :) zyman is a partner at azmi's dive in tioman. and below is roughly how the coral rehab project is gonna look like. i am so excited with this project!!
enjoy the pics dear readers.. i will write more soon! about the place... how berjaya people sucks!! hahahaha :D

truly goodbye.. :-(

okay today was the real goodbye to our old home... tried to avoid looking at it again but i guess i can't :(  I had to give the house keys back to the landlord... i am going to miss it... really... my huge kitchen.. spacious living room.. the running up and down... *sigh* but what to do, life goes on....

love Allah

hehehehe :D

work trip

sometimes, people just need to show that he has power but the real fact he is full of S%$7!! and respect is something that you need to earn and not to force on people... :) too bad.. you are stuck in the so called hot seat with lots of hatred and cursing that people around has on you... :)
sometimes no matter how hard you want to avoid or ignore, we are just human... it somehow affect.. and thinking about it is truly waste of energy and time. it is like a busy bee flying above you and you try to hit it, but it's still there? or better still like a fly who has landed on shit.. and this fly is bringing along the whole big shit with it!! yeup... full of shit!!

i am diverting the incident this morning to my work trip this weekend. at first i don't really feel like going, but if since they need my assistance then i'd go... if you ask me, i don't really wanna go... i'd rather stay home and clean up the house :) but it's okay... work maaa.. :) at least i get to dive :)…

just F off!!!