what is bothering me?

maybe i should write one by one? or am i just thinking of something that is actually nothing.. yeahh it means something but i am worried... what? i can't say... :"( maybe that is why i find it so difficult to go through my daily routine... :( my fingers are so itchy booking flight tickets ... what is wrong with me?? aarghhh... i know but i cannot say... that is so terrible... :( i will not know unless i tried, right? :o 

am i sad? no... i am not... do i have lots of things in my head? yes, i do... is there anything that cannot be solved? no, i don't think so... i need to talk to someone... i really do... i think... ermm... but it'll be too costly, no? do i really need it? ermm... maybe, maybe not... 

arrghhh these people who talks so loud at the corridor... don't you know that i can hear every word that you are saying/talking on the phone? hello... so noisy lah.. :P


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