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Teambuilding @ Janda Baik

by - February 14, 2012

ok let's cut it short rather than posting it as day 2 and day 3... i will sum it all... been wanting to post this during my trip there... but as guessed, managed to post only on the 1st day... rest of the day, too tired :P ehehehe :D all i can was to post up some pictures on my fb page. :)

as usual wsb team members are as cheerful, havoc, huha, happening and jovial as how we are :) and not forgetting competitive. for those who just joined us, they may be shocked on how we joke and play the games... sampai ada yang ingat budak2 nak gaduh pun ada! LOL :D but in reality, they are just having fun :) 

did i have fun? to be with the wsb team members... always :) 

it was a great experience for me on the trekking to the waterfall... omg!!! tiring okay... 45 minutes walk up the hills... forest.. jungle whatever you wanna call it. my betis bisa Tuhan je yang tahu... sakit berdenyut2! but i can't stop halfway can i? :( so, hendak tak hendak naik je lah...kepala lutut dah rasa macam nak tanggal dah! hahahah :D 

once we reached the waterfall... alang2 dah sampai kan, takkan tak masuk.... makkkk aiiii... sejoookkknya sampai ke otak! seriously! i got immediate migraine man!!! it was toooooo cold!! wish i could swim like the guys... they really look like they are having fun!! turun bawah masa nak balik kejap je pulak... hmmmm... luckily i brought bekal 3 bijik karipap :) so sorang satu lah... wids dah kebulur... hehehe :D tu lah... saper suruh lambat... 

one thing i missed is to dip in the pool... it was natural river water... depa kata... maybe the color of the water kut tak menarik perhatian.. or maybe i was afraid that it might be freezing cold? :) but for those who dipped in said, the pool water was warm :)

posing sebelum daki bukit! :P
masa ni dah mengah babe!! tapi masih boleh senyum
tak larat, tapi layan je lah budak2 ni amik gambar :P hahaha 
aku pancit! :P 

confidence test :o
our group 'LIPAN BARA' winner!!
group photo before we leave for KL :) 
org2 yang tak naik bas :D

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