Sunday, February 19, 2012


and who would have guessed? i was like dragging myself to go for the bowling night... what did i think at first? hmmm i dont know. some of the players doesnt look friendly at all! and at that time, i wished i was at home with my joelis. my first game was so lousy! my points were only 69! it was so embarassing for me... :( i got better on the second game... amd i guess when my lucky charm arrived, i got better! hehehe :) thanks sayang ... and walla! i did not expect this, but i guess we were not bad at all, huh? 

and saturday came, i asked FZ if the condo is ready for us to put some of the stuff in. FZ said, he has not seen the condo since the contractor renovated that saturday morning, we had breakfast together...and all went to visit the condo. i am getting excited now :) 

hehehe nasib baik baru dpt microwave free... boleh letak situ :P
lisa's room
everyone berkumpul kat living room...