letting it go...

this posting may make some people uncomfortable reading it, but this is how i express my feelings. yes, it is personal. this year both joelis will be taking their PMR and UPSR... what does those mean to parents in malaysia? a big exam for their primary and secondary school kids. kaiser would not understand when we talked about this coz he is a german :P they don't have these type of education system i supposed. he always think that i over-do or over pressured my kids... but hey... i believe in higher education! in short, yes, will be using lots of cash this year, and i will need to reduce my outing...*macam lah byk sgt outing aku pun kan... :P*  

alhamdulillah D has been helpful and understanding about this. i have told him upfront that i will be asking for more $$ for joelis tuition. i hope his wife will not start to be selfish... enough that she took D's sunday away from joey since about 3 weeks ago... come on lah... joelis get to see their dad like what... once a week.. or once in 2 weeks... and now she 'needs' him to be with her in sunday to help her with her coursework?? what the heck, to me its sounds so selfish and full of unnecessary jealousy!! grow up woman!! you have him all the time... stop being childish! letih la dengan orang insecure ni... baru je joelis cakap, they enjoy to be with their dad that their dad has been regular in visiting... and now she has got to interfere lah? hmmphh... 


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