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a challenging day indeed :)

by - February 15, 2012

it has been a very challenging day today for me... alhamdulillah... i supposed God knows i am capable to handle whatever issue coming my way? God please give me strength, amin.... thank you... anyway, learning is everyday, every time.. 'sharpen the saw' they say... :) so, reading is the best other than attending courses... by having to attend to certain issues... i am calming myself and found a few interesting articles and i'd like to share this one with you. good luck in whatever you do concerning dealing with customers ;)

How To Deal With Angry Customers

Psychiatric Mommy-Talk supposedly cools the crazed.

A customer has a problem with your product or service. She calls your firm and is confused by the complex auto-answer messaging. Then she has to wait on hold for ten, twenty or thirty minutes. By the time she gets to you she's frothing at the mouth. What do you do?

1. Talk slowly and quietly to ease the frantic mind.

2. No negotiations with nutbars. It doesn't make sense till they become human.

3. Be patronizing like a psychiatrist. Acknowledge her anger but don't agree. "OK. You're really angry about that." [Actually, this drives me crazy because it easily becomes a phony ploy].

4. Use baby-talk like a mommy sympathizing with a child. "Tell me all about it. Oh, I can imagine how that might hurt you". [Animal Wisdom: same as # 3]

5. Ask her what she wants.

6. Tell her what you can do right now. Or, promise to get back to her after you pass the buck.

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