Friday, January 13, 2012

Trauma! (Kisah Wardina)

taken from Wardina's website
Somehow the news on the incident somehow affected me. Maybe because at times, i do follow her activities. Or maybe because we are living in the same neighborhood. I wanted to write something in my blog today, but i came across her experience. It really touches my heart reading her experience and how she left it to Allah swt... menyerah pada Allah... Yes, all of us belongs to only Him and no one else. When she thought about her children... When her husband protected her aurat from the robbers... When they recite the ayat from the Quran together during the incident... meremang bulu roma, and menitis air mata membaca....

and yesterday when i got home...
Ya Allah ya Tuhanku... lindungilah kami sekeluarga Ya Allah... Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku, tabahkan lah hati keluarga Wardina, kembalikan lah semangat anak2 kecil itu... amin ya rabbal a'lamin...

read Wardina's Trauma!

p/s: Dear Wardina if you read this posting and you wish that I delete this, please let me know. :)