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thank you hubby for lunch :P

by - January 10, 2012

it has been a productive day today :) had only 2 curry puff for breakfast.. i am trying to train back my tummy for small breakfast :P hehehe although when i weigh myself this morning, i am still at 50.5kg. something is not right with the weighing machine i think.. i cannot be that light... :o anyway, as i was preparing myself for my next meeting at 11am, kaiser smsed me and ask if i am free for lunch... usually i'll be going out for lunch either with wids or lens.. or sometimes both.. or alone.. it doesn't really matter coz somehow i learned to eat alone anyway :) so... looking at kaiser's busy schedule, now that he wants to spend his free time with his wife, i say, why not? ;)  and we had lunch at malone's - an irish restaurant. and since i have not been doing a restaurant review for quite some time, here goes :)
  • date of visit: 10th Jan 2012
  • location: KL Sentral
  • place: nice, clean, at night should be more happening i guess since it's a bar restaurant.
  • decor: cosy, beautiful, exclusive created nice ambiance for customers.
  • cleanliness: clean :) thumbs up.
  • service: friendly waitresses & waiters.
  • price: a total bill of rm80 for 2 person.. it's okay for me but maybe not for kaiser :P hahhaha
  • food: i had poached salmon and it's nice... kaiser's baked fish was also nice... sedap :)

will i recommend the place.. yeah why not... but for everyday lunch? ermm a bit pricey i guess ;p perhaps one day can go there at night and see how it is? ;)
photo credit to malone's website :)

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