Thursday, January 19, 2012

the socks story

hahahah... gelak dulu... sorry babes.. i have done so much that i am not in the mood to do any work.. i have speed up myself that now i can blog as much because my brain just froze! excuses excuses... hahahaha :D lol... anyway... to add more story to my mid valley story this afternoon. there i was, at professor mid valley.. who has very not smart salesperson... tak boleh kutuk banyak2... dosa.. :) but then again... they just pissed me off lah.. all i wanted was to get 2 pairs of black socks for my son. they had many types of black socks.. my thinking was, i'd buy maybe 4 pairs if the price was cheaper... so when i browsed thru, i saw 1 packet with rm3.70 and others were rm4.20. so, if you are a customer, wouldn't you look for the cheaper ones? logically?? :) and guess what did the boy said to me? 

"yang belakang2 tu semua harga sama kak" and i said,
"look, yang ini satu rm3.70 tapi kenapa yang ini rm4.20?"
"owhh... yang lagi satu tu cotton" trying to be smart lah kan.. ingat aku tak tahu ke... so i said,
"ok lah... nampak sama, so saya ambik satu ini and satu lagi ini"
"eh... ini tag salah la.."
"itu bukan salah saya" i said,
"akak tunggu lah, saya tak kerja sini, saya jaga saja" terang2 dia pakai baju kerja with professor logo on his left chest okay!
so i waited... another salesperson came... and when i said i wanted to pay with 2 different prices, straight away she said "tak boleh" dgn muka kerek nya...

so, i am not there to argue with 2 not smart people... i left... now they rugi rm7.90 instead of 50 sen... but then again, not their business, they are working there bukan kisah pun.. bad customer service!