Thursday, January 19, 2012

retail therapy...again?

hahaha... another achievement (just an excuse for shopping).. luckily i stopped myself to remind myself that i dont need it, but i just want it when i stopped at roxy to get a handbag just now... but you know what...? i just cant stop thinking about it now... hmmmm... its a leisure handbag... ok what... :P 
taken from someone's blog :)
the lucky winner to receive the pyjamas :D hehehe ;p
 anyway, wids and i were at mid val coz she wanted to get some items for her friend.. and i ended up buying 2 pairs for pia pia piaaaa... :P hehehehe :D they had so many many nice clothes for toddlers...omg.. i was so excited!! teringat zaman lisa & joey dulu... mothercare was almost like my place for shopping!! aargghh gerammm... :P  maira... next time okay... i actually saw a few for you but i was afraid that the arm might not fit :( sorry darling.. next time, mak ein beli hokay... :*