Friday, January 6, 2012

my thot

sekadar hiasan :P
use your blog to benefit others other than expressing yourself. i am no angel myself :) i love to browse blogs. some i might put up a link because i'd like to share the info with my readers. some i read quietly. i like to read blogs about family, experience, travelling, hobbies and most blogs that i like to read, those who write simple words. i don't really like to read blogs who curse other people up to the max. or blogs who uses weird language? you know, nowadays they created lots of words themselves..  at times i do drop by but to return, very unlikely. 

as we are getting wiser (hahahha avoiding the word...:P), it is best to improve ourselves in many ways. ermmm... for those bloggers out there, i really hope that you will not put links that errmm how do i say, 'menjatuhkan air muka orang' or something like to spread 'fitnah' in your blogs. what i normally do, i'd read but i will not share the link in my blog coz it might spread, and i don't wanna be a part of that.