Tuesday, January 31, 2012

my conversation with lisa

i was chatting with lisa on the way to school this morning. i was telling her about 'tanah kubur' that i watched last night.. and to my surprise, both joelis knew about that episode. wahh.... and i told lisa about WN's comment on my fb status... we laughed about it... and spontaneously, i told lisa, 

me: 'i missed chatting with WN' 
lisa: yeahh... me too... i like him..
me: ohh really?
lisa: yeahh... i like talking to him..
me: owh.. hmm
lisa: i remembered when he was repairing the computer, and he will explain every step that he made, i told him, you dont have to tell me everything coz i will not remember.. and he said, "it's ok, i like talking to myself" 
me: hahahaha :D hmmm.. he's kinda cool.. 

and we both just continue talking about something else :)