Friday, January 6, 2012

me and my glasses :p

gosh i am so annoyed right now... okay let me try to explain. i have so much things in my head... my heart seems to not synchronize with my brain right now. and my heart is being very stubborn! okay, its out of topic.. now, i am so annoyed with my glasses... yeup... i made my glasses somewhere in march 2011, and after a month, i did not have to put them on coz i don't get headache anymore. somehow, starting December 2011, my eyes have been complaining.. not that they say anything but i have been getting terrible headache. took painkillers, nothing seemed to work.. i totally forgot about my glasses.. somehow, one day... i thought...'ahah! could be my eyes!' so, i put on my glasses... and after a few hours (also after taking the painkiller), my headache was gone.. !! shite... does that means i am depending on my glasses now? :( huwaaaaa...and i am annoyed that it keeps on slipping down from my batang hidung!! it's so slippery... ke, sebab aku tak de batang hidung??? arrghhhh