Tuesday, January 31, 2012

its your choice

tired of reading about people complaining about everything without doing anything to stop things from happening.  or perhaps, they can't do anything to prevent it from happening... but rather just complain or watch and see? *sigh*... at times i feel upset too... if you are unhappy with the way things are being done in this beautiful country, no one is stopping you from packing your bags and leave :) i am sure there are many other countries out there will accept you as a citizen, you think? as a malaysian citizen myself, not everything that the rulers do i agree with... but i would like to believe they are doing the best to ensure the harmony of the country... or at least to work on it. i know not everyone can be sincere... when they are being influence with money and power, things may go wrong.. but, what is the point of you 'melaga2kan' other races and religions in your own country? i am just so tired of this.

common issues that i have been reading:
  • tolerance/acceptance about azan... if you don't like hearing it, choose an area where there are more non muslims, or further from the mosque or surau.
  • fireworks during cny or after cny... it's normal for the chinese to have all these firework to celebrate or whatever religious believe that they have, just don't say things like 'habis dah halau all the hantu, skrg dah tak ada hantu' it may be a joke to those who doesn't know the reasons behind all those fireworks burning but to some, it is a sensitive issue as it has something to do with their beliefs. learn to respect each other lah.. it is only once a year anyway.. let's just have fun and watch the beautiful fireworks. 
i guess a lot more that i am too lazy to share or elaborate.. coz i would prefer to write more about fun stuff? this is rather boring for me... just that today when i read some comments made from people i know, it is just saddening lah. 
what the heck???