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huh?? ahhh :))

by - January 17, 2012

i am feeling more relaxed in terms of work now. relax as in, i choose to concentrate on 'action' and ignore how i am feeling about it. not sure if it is good for the soul though. if you ask me if i am happy, the answer would be 50-50, and i am doing it for my responsibility towards Allah swt to feed my 2 children. my passion has long gone. but recently something happened ... not at work but at home.. actually lots of things happened over the weekend. but somehow, don't know how to start writing yet... lots of posting pending.. be patient okay :) let me settle my tender at work first... then i can be faster and efficient here? :P 

somehow while listening to ombak rindu's theme song yesterday, i was crying... well, lets just say my tears just came down my cheeks so fast... like i cant stop it.. and i was driving in the morning to send lisa and alee to school... hmmm i guess, when you have something in your heart that you cant let go, it just...huurrmmm.. feel so hurt? 

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