Wednesday, January 25, 2012

how to reduce stress

i like this one... fyi, i just choose and post that is relevant and i'd like to do... hehehe :D actually there are a few options out there.. just pick and choose... i just told 2 of my buddies during lunch today that i really need to start on my gym regime again... just need to let off steam...

it is very important that you develop a regular habit of stress reduction. Whether it is physical exercise, yoga, meditation, prayer, working with the less fortunate, or any other endeavor – so long as it is nothing that is deleterious to your health, such as alcohol, cigarettes or drugs, do it a lot. Consider walking around the block ten times every morning, or visiting your house of worship every evening. And pay extra attention to personal relations that are important to you; you don’t need to compound your problem at work with problems inside you, or at home.